Cinzia Sabrina ANDREETTI...

...began her career in the fashion field at Koefia, International High Fashion and Art of the Costume Academy, where she graduated in 1997.

Her talent and willingness to learn, led her to deepen her studies and to specialize in the fabric aging techniques in the theatre and show environment, in the working of felt in various applications and in lace (macramè ) for jewels.

At the end of this complete education, she arrived to High Fashion in the Sarli and Grimaldi Giardina show rooms where she learnt the complex techniques typical of the “couture”, such as inlay, dubbing, embroidery, etc.

At the moment, she cooperates with manufacturing companies in different market areas. For many years she has been cooperating with the magazine Collezioni Haute Couture for special services on High Fashion in Rome.

Since 2001 she has decided to share with others her experiences by teaching at the Koefia Academy. But her ambition is to create a collection which can meet the requirements of demanding and international customers who look for a product which combines a strict style to high handcraft quality. This is how the new “High Fashion Cinzia Sabrina Andreetti “accessory line, was created.