Is fashion an art? Like cinema, painting, music, sculpture and poetry.., fashion is art if an artist creates it. The intention of the artist requires a counterpart; a work of art is closely connected to the understanding abilities of the observer and it depends on his/her visual practice. To confirm this, according to Goethe, the observer’s reaction can re-create the work of art. The persons with whom Cinzia would like to relate, should have an intellectual and cultural background which should allow them to make the most various thought associations.

Luxury is a very influential world and it’s the best place to start an alternative way to create fashion. Why should Cinzia Sabrina Andreetti’s work be connected to art? ...Cinzia believes that fashion is and should be culture and intellectual enjoyment; pure and simple research of any formal, tactile, chromatic pleasantness, enjoyment in assembling colours and materials looking for shapes and models, playing with nature, liberty and history of costume. Her style is free from any constraint, definitely unconventional which reflects an inner state and not a status symbol guaranteed by the latest fashion. She is free from the rules imposed by fashion: in the seasonal vagaries of fashion there is superficiality and instability which offends her sense of beauty.

Freedom, passion for the moment as if time does not count at all.

Cinzia’s poetical eye is necessary for her intelligent hand through which she manages to transform her enjoyment into finished works of unquestionable quality.

l'occhio poetico di Cinzia è servito mirabilmente dalla sua mano intelligente, attraverso la quale riesce a trasformare i suoi divertimenti in opere compiute di qualità indiscutibile.

A fantastic world


In Cinzia Sabrina Andreetti’s works, the rigidity of architectural shapes merges with the fluidity of natural elements, returning in this way to the inimitable beauty of creation.
Here it is possible to discover a fantastic world made of unusual flowers which are completely merged with nature and which create unique and inimitable objects; small art objects to wear or to treat as design elements.
Each creation of Cinzia Sabrina Andreetti is unique for the respect of the high quality standards of the “Made in Italy”.

The manual work which is essential for the implementation, the contamination with various materials and the processing, give to her works a total guarantee of uniqueness.

Thinking through materials


How did Cinzia Sabrina Andreetti’s passion for accessories rise?
It suits her: Cinzia is spontaneous and she hates wasting time.. and accessories are similar, in a very small space you must give a lot and you can see it immediately. A fashion parade creates a mood. A handbag has to be beautiful in itself and has to have an independent life.
Cinzia personally follows all the steps of the production process and all the aesthetical and procedural decisions. If, as some artists do, she would delegate them to others, she would lose the sense of her job; she must know everything, she must interact with shapes and establish a continuous dialogue.

Cinzia is not a conceptual artist; she believes in the possibility of thinking through materials and each one is an orchestra instrument. She arrives to the solution of an idea by touching and experimenting. As the old masters, Cinzia uses various techniques and the first one that inspired her was the antique felt one, a particular fabric with no wrap and weft. Through an alkaline reaction and a mechanical process, both necessary for felting, Cinzia succeeds in creating tridimensional shapes with no stitching; the combination with various materials... metals, crystals, laces, etc. leads to drawings, shades and effects always new and unrepeatable.
In this context, also lace (macramé) is new, the name of which comes from the Arabic word “màhrama”. Cinzia exalts the beauty of this technique by using unusual materials and by harmonizing it with other processing techniques.
But what surprises us is that everything seems antique, full of experience, as if it came from old chests and trunks. This is because Cinzia uses aging procedures used in the theatre and which she applies to any kind of support... linen, velvet, plastic, wood, leather... the latter was an unusual protagonist of a sophisticated couture technique, inlay, normally used to embroider on organdie and cady.

Cinzia succeeds in combining the solidity of leather with the evanescence of lace and the latter can be thousands of different things as its elements are discorporated and re-assembled. Since Cinzia uses also unusual elements, it is obvious that hand sewing them requires higher skills than those used in normal clothing works.

Also for this reason, Cinzia needs quite a lot of time to create each work.